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"Our vision is to deliver the best experience in innovative business & statutory solutions that enhance our customer’s business returns without statutory hassles".

Our Mission is to become one of the leading forces in helping businesses manage their growth and success by deploying USquare & iTAX.

Our Path is to work towards being recognized as "India's leading business Solutions provider – the one that everyone wants to work for, buy from or own shares in."

We are committed to our partnerships with our clients that add value and consistently exceed expectations.

We deliver quality product & services by combining technical excellence with a superior knowledge of client needs leading to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.


  • Established in 2002 as an exclusive Udyog Channel Partner company
  • 27+ experienced Udyog consultants
  • 450 + Statutory Implementations across Industry verticals
  • 27+ Joint projects with Udyog consulting & participation in localization

Our Future Road Map

  • Securing certification ISO certification
  • Adding 1000 new client in next 2 years
  • Setting up branches in Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata
  • Becoming organization of 100 + employee

Our Success

  • Secured recognition as Best seller by Udyog Software India Ltd., for the year 2007-08
  • Over 500 + client
  • iTAX order of Glaxo completed successfully.

Customer Focus

  • Simple language
  • Simple approach
  • Simple meetings
  • Simple implementation
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