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Very often decision makers are held up between wrong and right decisions. They need exact conclusion from their data. Analyzer reporting tool will help Tally users to derive meaningful information from their data. Accurate conclusion from Information can be a base of Profitable decision. Analyzer will lead you to profitable business decision derived from Tally Data. Tally has full-fledged reporting but everyone is using Tally and aggressive businessmen should have something superfluous advance.

Analyzer will award power of Flexibility, Depth and Wishful in Tally reporting.


  • Keep track your targets of Sales & Receipt for consistent growth. Basis of comparison is past year sales record.
  • Control expenses by comparing with expected profit
  • Keep track of business generated from each client
  • Doing profitable business by finding profitable item.
  • Manage just in time inventory by considering demand of various items.
  • In split second, discover highest revenue generator for your organization can help to define special policy for supreme customer.
  • Find out cheap material supplier on regular basis.
  • Define sales planning by considering client buying pattern.
  • Check your profit by fluctuating price or margin, for past or future



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