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Indian industry has come of age and the entrepreneurs are looking for comprehensive solutions for their entire business rather than simple accounting solutions. They have set long term visions for their businesses and everyone is evincing interest in enterprise level solutions or ERP. The major challenges for the solution vendors are to

  • Fit the solution within the buyer’s budget.
  • Make the user to understand the benefits.
  • To roll out effectively, at a faster pace.

All leading ERP vendors are trying to match with the requirements and budgets of SMEs. But the major hurdle is the implementation part of the ERP. Usually, no ERP solutions sell at less than Rs15 lacs, including Software License & Implementation charges. But the Budget of Rs 4 lacs to Rs 8 lacs, the budget of an average SME, cannot buy the ERP and the entrepreneur looks at other options. Here comes the option of USquare. It can fit in the budget and deliver the requirements as well. Hence, Udyog is betting largely on the capabilities of USquare and want to take it further as a substitute for ERP solutions.

Basic Modules of USquare

  • Excise
  • Service Tax
  • Financial Accounts
  • Sales & Purchase Management
  • Inventory Management

Udyog’s U2 (USquare) is a perfect solution for SMEs because of its features.

  • Very simple product like normal Accounting software, but with lot of additional features with the ability to switch over.
  • Can be implemented faster hence cost effective.
  • Scope for customization with small programming at client site as per client requirement.
  • Highly scalable for future requirements of the clients, any other module/s can be added at a later stage or other customizations may be taken up. For instance, Quality Control or Production modules can be added.
  • Can fit into SME budget of Rs 4 lacs to Rs 8 lacs, including license and implementation cost. Customizations will be charged extra depending on scope and requirement.
  • SQL back end and Crystal reporting with readymade BI reports.


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