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Packaged Applications Maintenance

Our support system ensures incessant software running so that client can make the maximum use of software. Statutory software means constant changes and it has to be updated and delivered on regular basis. Our delivery model match requirement of statutory software which demands faster support.

Trouble Shooting on Chat, E-mail, and Telephone:
In case of any kind of mishandling or disturbance in the software, immediate help can be availed through chat, E-mail or Telephone, as per the availability and convenience of the client and Udyog support team.

Onsite Support:
Onsite call can be arranged, if offsite support model is not producing results. 4GL Solutions support engineer makes visit according to the mutually fixed time depending upon the availability of the resources and nature of the problem. Calls can be arranged based on type of calls.

Calls Priority:
4GL Solutions success is co related with effective services. Being in the statutory software field we give make sure that client gets solution to their problem within hour. We always give top priority to client’s onsite and online trouble shooting. Calls are addressed depending upon nature of call.

We have III level of call addressing systems.

  1. Top Priority: Call can be arranged immediately for following type of calls
    o Delivery of goods is stuck due to Invoice
    o Returns are delay due to system problem
    o Excise audit is there
  2. Medium Priority: In case user is not able to solve problem with the help of online methods, then onsite call is arranged based on the availability of the support engineers. These calls are generally attended within 3 to 10 days.
  3. Low Priority: Every user has some additional requirement other than excise. Generally, Excise is very similar across India. However, a change comes when companies tend to adopt different practices. These changes need some customization, which leads to R & D. Sometimes, there may arise a need to send same query to USIL corporate office if it requires a hard-core programming change. Normally this takes 15 to 30 days.

Updates as per notification:
This is one of the areas where all the major software companies have failed and they have preferred to stay out of this core software business. We have managed to convert it as a core competency of our business, which is the secret of our successful stability in the field of software development. Otherwise, software market is full of uncertainty, where many companies come & become obsolete after short span of time, leaving the client in a miserable situation.

Udyog has been in forefront for acquiring upcoming changes through reliable resources and transforming the same it into software updates. Update like Education Cess were delivered to all 10,000+ clients across India within flat 3 days of time, through all accessible medias.



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