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Project Development & Implementation

Implementation methodology includes four (4) phases - Discovery, System Development, User Acceptance Testing and Production Rollout. These implementation phases are designed to provide clients with a seamless transition from an existing electronic or paper-based system to 4GL Solutions while ensuring all aspects of a client´s operations are accounted for by the software. Our solutions enable companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value delivering technology-driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of our clients.  The 4GL Solutions project team, comprised of individuals with clinical, billing and operations experience, is equipped with the skills and tools to manage the entire process from system requirements gathering to deployment. 4GL Solutions provides various levels of support, depending on client needs, including client-side Project Management, Process Analysis/Re-Engineering, on-going Training and Configuration Data Entry Services.


The Discovery Phase is preceded by a Project Kick-off Work-session that includes application demonstrations, completion and review of requirements and configuration questionnaires, identification of key client documentation, as well as consultation on possible process re-engineering needs. The Project Kick-off provides your organization with the opportunity to not only introduce the 4GL Solutions Project Team to your organization, but also to define and structure your organization´s Project Team. Detailed Process documents covering all aspects of the implementation are provided; these include client responsibilities as well as the best practice approaches to project implementation that 4GL Solutions Software has developed based on several years of successful implementations.

The information obtained during Discovery ensures USquare, iTAX or Vudyog is configured specifically for your organization including such information as Programs Levels, Services, Facility Structure, Treatment Plan Design, User-Definable Tables/Lists, Accounting Chart of Accounts and clinical Documentation (i.e. Forms, Assessments, Polices & Procedures, Government and Accreditation Regulations, etc.). Customization and Data migration requirements, if applicable, are also defined during the Discovery process.

Training System Development

The Discovery process yields the specific client requirements that are used by 4GL Solutions´s world-class Development and Quality Assurance Labs to create the client version of 4GL Solutions. Training System Development will include configuration, data entry and may include customization and data migration identified during the Discovery process. The Training System Development culminates in the installation of a training system which then begins the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) period.

Client User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) includes four critical functions in the project cycle: Training, User Proficiency, Process Definition and Finalization of Specifications including Configuration, Customization and Data Migration. The UAT process starts with a series of formal on-site user training sessions followed by one to two months (this varies based upon client needs) of hands-on system use, allowing your organization to practice using the system, conduct additional internal training sessions and begin creating task level procedural documentation. Additionally, this will provide users with more in-depth knowledge of 4GL Solutions functionality, which may lead to additional configuration, customization and data migration requirements. The UAT period will culminate with 4GL Solutions´s finalization of development, quality assurance testing and delivery of system updates in preparation for production rollout. 4GL Solutions offers additional Training, Process Analysis/Re-Engineering as well as Client-side Project Management Services as needed throughout the UAT period.

Quality Testing

We have realized the significance of an error in software. Software with errors is going to cause trouble to our credentials and it is going to create problem for many years to come. Moreover, it has to be eradicated at the bottom level itself. Udyog has unfledged quality department which does thorough quality testing as per industry standards.

Every customized part goes under strict scrutiny, if any rectifications are required, they will be implemented. Logical suggestion can be provided to improve the software performance.


During this final phase, a master Production Rollout Plan is developed, which details staff communication, training schedule and availability of 4GL Solutions on-site rollout Support Resources. The plan also includes identification of power users who serve as client functional experts, as part of the "Train the Trainer" model, as well as individuals who will require specialized or more focused training. Additionally, an internal communication plan is established to notify users of the transition to the 4GL Solutions electronic case record and of any expected impact on staff responsibilities. Finally, Production Rollout planning includes the scheduling of 4GL Solutions Trainers and Production Support Specialists to assist in the execution of the rollout plan and provide on-site support during the initial week(s) of the Production Rollout.

Many organizations invest tremendous time and resources undertaking a thorough analysis to identify and select the right software. Unfortunately the same due diligence rarely happens when an implementation partner is selected -- even though implementation costs typically exceed licensing fees by orders of magnitude, and a rational buyer would assign their attention accordingly. Too often a vendor choice is made and only then an implementation partner gets involved.

This tendency makes software projects unnecessarily risky. Even with the ideal system, many things can and will go wrong during the implementation that follows, and your ability to overcome those obstacles will depend on the quality of your relationship with the implementation team. With a less-than-ideal system, a project can fail, but much could be done to avoid this, if more care is given to selecting the right implementation team with the right experience, skills, and inter-organizational chemistry.

Even before selecting a software vendor it is important to assess the following key issues:

Too often the implementation sides of software projects are underestimated. Partners are supposed to be the trusted advisor. Ensure to have somebody experienced involved. Spending a little more time evaluating the right partner(s) will mean a large difference for your project outcome.

4GL Solutions would like to highlight following points about our expertise in projects and service.

  • New Dimension product implementation capability
  • Experienced and industry specific domain experts
  • Onsite-Offshore Delivery & Support Model
  • Engagement focus is on early planning
  • Demystify the complexity & simplify business processes
  • Proven delivery model & methodology ensures minimum risk
  • Understanding of product life cycle delivers the right solution at optimal cost
  • In house development team provides ability to build complimentary products
  • End to End support abilities ensures effective & smooth change management
  • Delivery focus is on processes, addressing pain areas, not on product features


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